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History of Norfolk Golf and Country Club


History of Norfolk Golf and Country Club Ontario

The Norfolk Golf & Country Club is a private golf, tennis and squash facility which permits limited public play.

The Norfolk Golf & Country Club is situated on land once owned by Duncan Campbell, Simcoe’s first Postmaster. It was established in 1895. It is one of the oldest courses in Canada that remains on its original site.

By early 1900 a small frame clubhouse was built just north of what is now the first green. It stood 30 by 30 feet, had lockers and a wash basin. If further water was required, members had to go to the stream below and bring up pails of water.
Harry Stennent, a bank manager, had the course laid out for himself and his sisters. This may have been prior to 1895 when members formed the club.

After the club was incorporated in 1912, a new clubhouse was built at a cost of $4000 by Messrs. Gunton and Son. It opened in 1914 and had lockers, bridge rooms and a verandah on both the west and south sides of the building. Stories vary of how the turf was maintained in the early years. A flock of sheep was one method. Other reports say the fairways were periodically cut by a horse and mower. In 1925, the minutes record that George Ammerman was paid 25 cents an hour (with an extra 15 cents if he used his horse), to look after the fairways.

Back issues of the Reformer record golf matches being played on the course in the late 1890’s. One account records that when playing Brantford only one team member had a golf bag - George McKiee, the captain. The other members of the team carried their clubs bound together with binder twine.

When golfers started playing the course in the 1880’s women and liqour were banned. It was not until 1912 that ladies were admitted when the club became incorporated. It is interesting to note that the original charter granted to the Club came with certain conditions. The conditions included, “That the club, the manager or the directors, or committees or stewards of any shareholders, or any member may not deal in, barter, traffic in, sell or dispose of alcohol, spirits or other spiritous malt or intoxicating liqours upon the premises of the club.”

Betting was also banned.

1930's Club Members, Including Stanley Thomson

Early fees ranged from $15 for full privilege golf to $4 for a lady and $3 for a junior under the age of 18.

The first Professional at the club was John Aitcheson. He served from 1912 to 1924. Dave Noble assumed the duties in 1925. He received $75 per month plus 10% of the total green fees collected for his services. His wife ran the clubhouse and her salary was set at $15 per month.

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